Championship Performance

Colorado Golf Fitness Club is Colorado’s Premier Golf Fitness & Conditioning Clinic. Improve your golf performance through a series of functional, golf specific programs designed to improve athleticism allowing golfers to play better golf! Regardless of age, current handicap, experience or current fitness level, whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a PGA professional, in any of CGFC’s programs, you will…

  • Learn the five “secrets” to guarantee you a better game!
  • Increase 10-50 yards to your drives!
  • Hit more fairways
  • Generate higher club head speed
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Lower your handicap
  • Decrease or eliminate injuries and back pain
  • Improve your core stability and back strength
  • Reduce body fat!

Golf Performance Workshops

  • Learn why most golfers don’t ever improve
  • Why people who play golf get injured frequently
  • How to increase club head speed and power
  • How to improve core stability and balance
  • The Bio-Mechanics of Golf
  • Discover golf specific strength and flexibility exercises

Other CGFC Golf Fitness & Conditioning Services:

  • Extensive Golf Fitness & Conditioning Evaluation
  • Golf Fitness Boot Camps
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Seminars & Workshops
  • Group Training, Golf Fitness & Conditioning
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Exercise Programs
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Flexibility Programs
  • Integrated Golf Fitness & Conditioning with PGA Golf Professional
  • Portable Golf Fitness & Conditioning Exercise Equipment
  • Corporate Golf Fitness & Conditioning Programs
  • Cellular specific Golf Nutrition
  • Golf Fitness & Conditioning Articles
Colorado Golf Fitness Club

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