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Check Out Some Of Our Client Testimonials! How Soon Will You Be Able To Brag About How Good Your Game Has Gotten?


As you know, I found you thru the recommendation of a young Division I golfer that has been a friend of mine for many years. I had inquired about the improvements in his distance and strength. Being at the "other end of the age spectrum" and approaching 55 in January 2012, I was hoping to feel better and improve my shrinking flexibility. 

 As you might recall, during our first meeting we discussed many goals, but the top one on my "golf list" was to qualify for a USGA National Championship. Having never done this and finding competitive golf late in life this seemed like a "long shot", but something we began discussing one year ago. 

During the last 11 months you have helped me, lose 25 lbs, lose 4+ inches off of my waist size, improve my overall flexibility, overcome chronic headaches thru neck stretching, work thru the residue of a 25 year old knee surgery related issues. 

I have enjoyed each workout program that you have specifically designed for me and I look forward to more. These workouts and your weekly encouragement also helped me work thru the Winter blues that are common to Colorado golfers. 

 Oh yes, and I qualified for the USGA Senior Amateur at Mountain Ridge CC in West Caldwell, NJ. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and encouragement, 

Hal Marshall 


Hey Dee,

Got on the scale and I was below 220 today.  219!  I started at 240!  Thanks bud!

Doug Wert, PGA Instructor

TPI Certified, K-Vest Certified



My partner and I won Flight #2 (combined handicaps of 10-12 so played against some great competition) in the 2012 Columbine Classic at Columbine Country Club. Won 3 matches outright and halved the other two matches to win the flight by 3 ½ points. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Mike M.- CEO- Denver, CO.



I just wanted to let you know of the progress I have made with my golf game since I started to work with you. We first started working together in August 2011 and my hdcp was at 11.8.  After seeing you once a week for the past 14 months and following your custom designed workout programs my hdcp has dropped to 7.2 in one year.  Fix your Body Fix you Swing is so true.  This year I finished 3 place in my Inverness Golf Club Individual Match play.  This was the first time I have been able to get past the first round..  I would recommend your program to anyone that wants to improve their golf game, and quality of life!

 Thanks Glenn



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Arron Oberholser - PGA Tour Player

If you want to win and perform at your best, you MUST work with Dee Tidwell and Championship Golf Fitness! He helped me with my first win in over five years!Read More

Joe Durant - PGA Tour Player

Dee Tidwell is by far the most qualified trainer I have ever worked with. His understanding of the body and its biomechanics and how they relate to the golf swi... Read More

Dennis Paulson - PGA Tour Player

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Missy Giove - Professional Downhill Mountain Biker, Team Global

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Audie Dean - Future PGA Seniors Player

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Jaye Kephart - Professional, Denver, CO

Dee helped me to achieve my next level of conditioning that I hadn’t considered. Their specificity is unbeatable!

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Mike LaRocco - Professional Motocross Racer, Team Amsoil/Doc Martens/Factory Connections

Colorado Golf Fitness Club